Productivity Ideas:

Productivity Ideas:

Evolve The Way You Build Knowledge By Doing This One Thing

Use Linkboard to help sort your searches

We are in a knowledge economy. To be effective, you understand that you need news and research to inform yourself. To be efficient at this, we believe we all need to rethink how we search for news.

When looking for specific news about a client, competitor or an industry, we either scan general news looking for specific pieces of related or we start a search.

We believe that if the topic is completely new to and it is the first time you are searching for news on that topic, yes, start a search. But that should be the last time you start from scratch. You are essentially trying to climb to the top of the mountain of knowledge on a particular topic. We want to give you tools so you can start climbing and then put a wedge in where you get to and stand on it. We do this by allowing you to save your search, easily refine it and then save all those settings as an advanced search in a folder.

For example, if you are at a tech firm and Apple has just opened up Apple TV for developers, then you need to start building knowledge quickly. You want to start adding/removing words to searches like “Apple TVOS Development”. See below for the searches I set up as Group: Development > Folder: Apple > Search: TVOS  soon as I saw the words when it was announced.  I now click on that link a few times a day to see a news feed based on it.

The One Thing: Never Start From Scratch More Than Once. 

Evolution is a really big theme inside of . We personally want to evolve each year as people and want to help our users in anyway we can to do the same. So, with your filters you can constantly edit to evolve them and consequentially over time your filters get better, your news feeds get better, you get better at connecting with the news you need, you are better informed, you connect more dots and hence you evolve. Your filters will be great on day one and become a competitive advantage very quickly.

How We Do It At

You can cut through the reading at this point and book in a video conference demo of here. Or, read on:

At, we connect you with the news you and your company needs more efficiently. It is a managed service so you have your own dedicated Agent who helps you create and optimize your searches on an ongoing basis. We create and maintain advanced search filters and then save them so you don’t have to type them in every time. It also enables us to improve those filters by responding to news developments and using an array of advanced filter options. The objective is to create a news feed for each of your filters that delivers you the news you need whenever and wherever you want.

Once we started creating all these filters, we knew right away that we needed a way to organize them so you could access them quickly and in a way that you already knew how to use.

Our hierarchy works like this Groups > Folders > Searches. You also have My Groups which are your personal groups and Organization which holds the Groups, Folders and Searches that everyone in your company can access.

For example, here is one of my Groups, Folders, Searches:

Group: Development


Folder: Apple




Developing For TVOS


Article: “Hands-On with tvOS for new Apple TV” from Venture Beat. 



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